A Time Machine


Image coutesy of 1914-1918.net


Living in the 21st century is complicated. We don’t have the same dreams as people of previous generations. If it was 1814, the average person’s dream would be to hop on a boat, and hopefully arrive safely in the United States to try their luck there. The most a person dreamt of would have been a small shack and a family.

If it was 1914, the dream would have probably been to see the Great War end to go back and live a simple peaceful life with the family.

However, it isn’t 1814 or 1914. It’s 2014.

People want it all. The money, the fame, the great looks, the “likes,” the success, the love, the easy life.

What most people don’t realize is that earth is the same for us and the people who inhabited it before us. We play on the same ground. We have the same 24 hours a day. Why do we look down on them. Why do we subliminally feel sorry for them. Is it because they didn’t look as clean as we do. Or had an easier life as we do. Or perhaps because they were vulnerable to all sort of plagues and diseases, and had a shorter life expectancy rate.

Have we ever thought of how someone living in 1914 would look at someone living in 2014?

Men are wearing skinny clothes, girls are half naked. People speak softly. People don’t have basic life skills. If your tire is down, you call someone. If the water leaks, you call a plumber. If you have a problem with your wife, you call a lawyer.

Families are disassembled. You can’t speak off your mind, you have to be politically correct or others will judge you. You have no privacy, everything you do is monitored by someone.

The question we have to ask is, “whom should we feel sorry for?”

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