Following The Ant


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We are constantly faced by difficulties in life. Everybody’s got their fair share of obstacles.

Upon encountering our first obstacles, some of us simply escape or avoid them. Some turn the other way. Some wait and stare at them hoping they will somehow disappear. Most of us are wired that way, we hate facing reality.

To be fair, facing difficulties isn’t fun as it occurs. You are confused, you feel unprepared, your heart is beating, and you feel surrounded but all the negativity there is to exist.

However, there are a few who somehow always seem to be calm about the situation. They dedicate their energy into finding a solution through or around the obstacle. These are whom I like to call the adapters.

These obstacles are there placed on your path for a reason, to help carve your character. The trick isn’t to whine about its existence. It was going to meet you despite the path you take. Once you get this cemented into your mind, it becomes easier to deal with the rest.

If an ant is walking by (ants do not have eyes), and it is suddenly faced by any obstacle, what does it do? It simply touches it to identify the size of the obstacle, it assesses the situation, if it is small it’ll climb it, if not, it’ll go around it.

The trick here is the ability to change.

We have a sense of rigidity when it comes to change. It takes us time to admit our mistakes. Whether it is the wrong career path, the wrong spouse, the wrong lifestyle we lead. We find it hard to change, because we fear what people might think of us. We fear the unknown. This is what I know, what will happen if I change to something I don’t know.

We are pessimistic when it comes to change. Why do we fear the unknown? Why can’t we alter our paths?

Let’s look at Christopher Columbus.

When he was refused financing for his famous exploration voyage to the West from Portugal, Genoa and Venice, he didn’t give up. He went to the King and Queen of Spain.

He altered his plan. He definitely didn’t want foreigners to fund his voyage, but he knew he had to be flexible to get what he wanted.

This ability to change and adapt to the current situation is what distinguishes all the haves from the have-nots. Read any story about a successful person and you’ll notice this trait.

They all followed the ant.

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