In The Forbidden City


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We don’t usually discuss this issue in public because we fear others may judge us. Despite its importance nobody mentions it. The simple fact of contemplating it puts a person on the spot light.

We never talk about death.

It is a natural part of our life cycle. We will eventually go through it. Don’t we have the right to discuss it or share our thoughts about it.

One of the main reasons we never talk about it is because it is the ultimate party bummer!

We accumulate as much wealth as we can, build the greatest buildings, and reproduce children with the hope of being there to enjoy these delicacies that life has to offer us. Only to be shocked that life starts giving us signs that you won’t be here for any longer.

Your body starts slowing down. Chronic diseases start showing up. Your five senses don’t function as well as they did in your youth. Your body’s already dying but you are still around hoping it’ll give you just a bit more time.

Others before you have tried all sorts of medicines, alchemy and magic. None of it worked.

Some realized they had no way around it so decided to go prepared like the Chinese Emperor who carved statues of all his soldiers (Terracotta Army) to be buried in his flamboyant tomb in order to go with him to the unknown.

There are basically two general camps who have a strong opinion regarding this issue, with some people in between. The first camp includes the people who believe that life happened by coincidence after the big bang, which sparked evolution. This theory believes that there is no afterlife and once a person is dead, they simply decompose.

The other camp includes the people who believe in the existence of a God, and that life is a creation rather than a coincidence.

This issue of death is a philosophical one. Depending on which camp a person is in, the lifestyle one chooses should coincide with the outcome.

For an evolutionist, you only live here. So leave your mark here.

For a religious person. You will be rewarded with heaven if you perform good deeds on earth. So leave your mark there.

It is crucial for you to choose where you are in order to create a life mission to work on. A blueprint to guide you through life.

Don’t be a sheep. Know what you want from this life. Work accordingly, and hopefully you will make the right choice.


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