The Advantage Children Have


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Sometimes I wonder what I’m most passionate about.

Somehow I always seem to find the same answer. The discovery of new things or new information.

That is what gives me the most pleasure. It may be intrigue, wonder or the joy of being surprised by learning something for the first time.

This situation doesn’t happen a lot nowadays with all the information bombardment we go through. Our minds can’t filter the useful from the useless.

However, I found the simple trick to constantly getting that joy of discovery.

It’s simply by “asking questions.”

This phenomenon is natural to all human beings. It is the essence of reasoning. It is the source of enlightment, understanding, and guidance.

Humans start asking questions as soon as they begin to speak. They ask around 100 questions before entering school. This number begins to decrease as they grow depending on the educational system they have. If the school and family nurture this ability by providing a  healthy environment where someone can freely ask questions and receive logical answers, this will help the asker to develop and continue asking. If it is stopped or neglected, it will gradually lead to the death of that human being’s development.

How many times have you seen people in terrible situations and wondered what would happen if this person did so or so to improve his/her situation?

These are some situations where I asked a similar question:

  • Why are these people so poor?
  • Why is this  person working so hard for peanuts?
  • Why is this person not taking good care of their health?
  • Why is this person in a terrible relationship?
  • Why is this person under so much debt?

This list can go on indefinitely.

Let’s continue to question our lives. Why are we doing things a certain way? Why are we stuck in one place? Why don’t we have peace in our lives? Why are we unhappy?

Only after asking can we get answers.

We ask. We analyze. We assess. We take action.

These are the four steps to change.

Let’s go back to being children. Let’s ask 100 questions a day. Don’t let anybody rob you from this simple human right.


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