The Benefits of Craziness


Image courtesy of: Associated Press



It takes determination to achieve your goals. Without that extra energy of belief, it gets harder as you swim against the tides with your new ideas. Some people who get it. Some will slow to down. Some will make sure you don’t succeed. Whatever new idea you come along with, whether it is a product, a work of art or ideology, it will always be faced by difficulties. The reason is simple: people are used to having things a certain way and you are about to disrupt their old fashioned way.

The determined person will keep trying different methods, but will always be faced by opposition. They will call him a crazy, risk-taker, abnormal person.

I am here to tell you:

“It’s normal to not be normal.”

Change is never brought by normal individuals. It takes deep thinking and isolation to formulate big ideas, and determination and perseverance to execute them.

I recently read an article about a young Italian kid called Guglielmo Marconi in 1895, who though we came up with a way to communicate without the use of wires. He sent a letter to the Italian Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs about the invention. He never received a response from the minister, who eventually dismissed it and referred the case to an “insane asylum” in Rome.

This young heart-broken kid would eventually be credited for (Inventing the Radio),  and by 1909 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Every great person is mocked and insulted. Don’t get upset when that happens. This is only a sign that you are surpassing other people’s capabilities and they are feeling threatened. Forgive and continue. I once heard that people only throw stones on tall trees that bear fruit. So if you are being stoned, then you are bearing fruits.


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