The Heaven Within Me


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Whenever I see people in the market buying and selling, day in and day out, I wonder what they are working hard for? Some jobs are exhausting. Doctors that work 18 hours a day. Miners that go to unbelievable depths on low wages. Border patrols who live most of their lives in unpopulated areas. What do all these people have in common?

They are all working towards one single goal. “Work hard now, so I can be happy later.”

Here’s the unfortunate news. No one knows the future. They may never live till the day they experience this so-called happiness.

Happiness isn’t a destination or a place you arrive to. Believe me, I tried. Some authors believe its the journey of life. However, I believe it is a state you have within you. It is something you can activate and deactivate at any moment.

You may have the worst day in your life, but come home to see you child take his first step. That single incident can make you forget all the miseries you’ve just experienced.

It wasn’t the child that gave you happiness. It was you. You activated it, because you realized your priorities in life. This child’s first step was your success as well.

If one can prioritize his/her incidents in terms of importance and impact towards your “life’s mission,” small incidents should never be a source of worry.

A clergyman was once imprisoned by a king for disobedience. The clergyman said:

“When I’m free, I’m free. If I’m imprisoned, I’m in solitude. If I’m killed, then I go to heaven. They never realized that my heaven is inside of me wherever I go.”

So keep your heaven inside of you all the time. Activate it daily by appreciating what you have and knowing that you are working towards your bigger goal in life even if the steps are a small as a child’s steps. You will eventually get there.

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