The Man In The Mirror

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As I write the first article, many thoughts are going through my mind. Sharing experiences, thoughts, and aspirations were the real motives behind this blog. Personal development through learning from others was another.

I will try to take you through history, geography, politics, ethnicity or any other barrier we create in order to grow and continue growing so as to hopefully one day feel content with what we have accomplished and where we are.

The key is to do it in a simple fashion, adding something new with every article. With each article I hope to spark your thought. This site will try to create these AHHAA inspiration moments. I’m not here to collect likes or receive validation. We’re here to have simple takes on personal development from all aspects of life.

Let’s begin…

I would like to start with a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago.


I was discussing with him the current economical and political situation and how lots of work needs to be done. There are many setbacks, no motivation, and feelings of disgust whenever I speak to anyone. I was wondering what was needed to kickstart the economy, how to resolve the numerous problems faced by all of us. I couldn’t find a simple solution.

My friend said he had a simple solution. I asked what it was. He said:

“start with the man in the mirror.”

I laughed and said: “are you really quoting Michael Jackson in such a deep conversation?” He said: “if everybody began by working on themselves, we would have an intellectual society that respects the law and can be motivated to do anything.” He said that: “virtues were the foundation upon which we should build on.”

A while ago, I read a poem that went something like this:

“nations are built on benevolent virtues

if these are gone, so are the nations.”

 Working on developing your own virtues is the foundation upon which one should build. Without a solid ground, a solid set of beliefs and values, you are no different than the others.

Be unique, build your character, expand your mind. Everything else will follow.

Don’t complain about your situation, trust me there are people in worst situations. You are not here to judge me or other people for that matter. Just focus on your self.

Just focus on developing that “man in the mirror.”

Until next time.


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