The Watchmaker


Image courtesy of: Breguet



As we proceed in life, we meet different forms of people. The funny, the wise, the unfortunate, the rich, and the glamorous. However, we always neglect one person with a quality that surpasses all the aforementioned.

This one quality is what makes a true man or woman.

All entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, administrators, and explorers have it within them. They are not born with it. They never realize they had it until things start turning against them.

This quality is “patience.”

Patience shouldn’t be a quality. It should be classified as a science. Without it you can not get any great project done.

We live in a fast-food, fast communication, fast cars age, where everything is instantly done. We are becoming part of the fast running show. We stopped contemplation. We do not focus on details any more. We want to multi-task everything.

Again, here’s the flash news. Not everything can be done swiftly.

You can’t become rich overnight despite all the advertisements you read. You can not raise a family by keeping your nanny at home while you work. You can not grow a tree in a week.

Many things in life take time. If you do not develop a patience attitude soon, you will find yourself becoming a “jack of all trades, master of none.”

Prioritize your life. Usually, it should include these: family, friends, work, health, and meditation. These should be set in accordance to your age and stage in life.

Dedicate as much time to the top ones. Be patient. The best pieces of art are the ones that take long to create.

A few years ago I saw a Swiss watchmaker manufacturing a mechanical watch with a special “complication” called the Tourbillon. This mechanism is so complicated that only a few Swiss watchmakers can create. Do you know why? Because it takes between 2-8 months to create one. If a single mistake is done, the watchmaker has to start all over again.

This watch’s price is over $100,000.

Patience pays off.

Give your family and friends the time they deserve. Give without expecting anything from them.

Work hard on your project and life mission, they will pay off soon as well.

Control your temper, and always remember that strength isn’t by how large your muscles are, but by how patient and self-controlling you are.

Adopt the watchmaker’s attitude.


Until next time,


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