6 Reasons You Need to Become Influential Now

Image courtesy of Amboseli 2008

Influence is about having the effect of changing someone or something.
Effects can be changed by numerous ways, but here at (Influentials), we are concerned with character.
Influentials spend a great amount of time developing their characters. Years are spent in certain fields, where with time, they excel. They master their skills. They usually have a head start.
While many people are watching sitcoms, going out, chilling, and sleeping, Influentials are working on their skills. They may not be apparent yet, as their moment has not come.
However, once an opportunity presents itself, they rise smoothly without any direct competition. Why, many ask?
Because they did not waste their time.

Being influential requires that a person knows what he or she wants in life. Once they do, they begin noticing problems in society that need change. They create expectations. They align these expectations with their available resources and begin designing a road map.
They mobilize people with them and they begin affecting change.
Some succeed, while others don’t. Nevertheless, it is not about the final destination. Its about the journey towards the goal of the Influential that matters. Many great goals where not achieved by the starting Influentials, but by the people who believed in their causes and continued the changing process.
You need to become Influentials for the following reasons:

1) SIMILAR POINT OF DEPARTURE. We have the same brain, heart, and similar circumstances as most great people we read about. Do not create excuses, we mostly start with the same things.
2) IT’S EASY. Nowadays, It is easier to become influential. Using Facebook or Twitter, we can send a message to millions in a few seconds. This was impossible just a few decades ago.
3) IT’S NOBLE. If you believe in something that has a general benefit. Fight for it and prove yourself and your idea to the world.
4) SELF ACTUALIZATION. There is a need deep inside each and everyone of us that we need to accomplish what we are here for. We are not here to eat, sleep, and die. We are here to improve ourselves and those around us. We need to fulfill our potentials.
5) IDENTITY. By being influential, we clearly say that we do not go by the routes drawn for us. We create our own paths that suit us. We are unique.
6) NEED. There is a need as there always has been for people to cause change. Look around you and see how many things could go differently if the people there knew what they were doing. Don’t be a sheep and just walk around. Stop, think, prepare, and stand for your belief.

You are not doing anyone a favor by affecting change, it’s your duty. It’s your call.

Develop the Influential inside of you. Choose the field you know most about. Keep pushing on and don’t give up. Perhaps your time hasn’t arrived yet, but when it comes, be ready.



  1. You would find a philosophical stance called Meliorism interesting. It basically states that the world is progressively getting better through human actions. It offers an alternative to optimism and pessimism. For the glass half full, glass half empty situation, it says: There’s more water in the glass than before you filled it, if you keep going it will get even better.

    On a personal level, meliorism would say that we have a duty to our ancestors, our peers, and our descendents to improve ourselves, and thereby the world. Like you said, our technology gives us unprecedented reach. Look at Ferguson, Missouri. It is a nationwide, and even global, event thanks to skilled us of social networking by protestors. Now, anyone can start a petition, or send an e-mail, or write a letter to the editor in affect the world. I’m always amazed how few people do this.


    1. Hello John,
      I always choose to an idealist. It may be hard at times, but I think it is what will get me to where I want to be in life. Meliorism seems to be an idealist thought with the glass half full and social responsibility concepts. I will read about it and hopefully include it in my future work.
      After going through the site, do you have any suggestions? Should I pursue “How-to” posts or go for short interesting stories?


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